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Abitto Global Services Limited offers comprehensive operations and management services for oil majors, offshore operators, and ship owners around the world. Our marine services include, but not limited to

  • Marine Engineering, Operations & Maintenance
  • Training & Consultancy
  • Offshore Supply and Crewing
  • Salvage & Rescue
  • Spills and Pollution Response
  • Tug and Barge Services

We provide experienced field engineering personnel with expert knowledge of marine hose systems, their operation and maintenance. We provide guidance for: Storage, Onshore Handling, Assembly, Towing, Hook-up/Installation, Commissioning, Offshore Handling, Flushing, Inspection, Testing, Refurbishment, Repair.

We are committed to continuous development and knowledge sharing. Abitto Global Services Limited has built a global reputation on our substantial technical expertise, our insistence on high standards and the exceptional care we take on all projects. With abundance of knowledge at our fingertips, we can tailor our training to your specific requirements, giving attendees a broader understanding of the subject area, utilising lessons learnt, new developments and the latest in inspection technology.

Our supply vessels serve drilling and production facilities and support offshore construction and maintenance work. In addition to deck cargo, such as pipe or drummed materials on pallets, our supply vessels transport liquid mud, potable and drill water, diesel fuel and dry bulk cement. Their capacity permits large quantities of other materials such as casing, drill pipe, tubing and miscellaneous deck cargo to be transported on the large open decks. These vessels are characterized by their maneuverability, fuel efficiency and firefighting capability.

Emergencies on the high seas can come at any time and require an immediate response to save lives and minimize loss to equipment. Abitto Global Services Limited has the ability to locate and respond to marine emergencies using radars, satellite systems, diving, lifting and towing. Our Standby Vessels remain on site to provide a backup to offshore rigs and production facilities and also carry special equipment to rescue personnel. The vessels are equipped to provide first aid and shelter and, in some cases, also function as supply vessels. Should your company need qualified and experienced professionals to support rigs and platform operations, crew for offshore vessels, certified divers, security personnel or just casual labourers, Abitto Global Services Limited has the right personnel to meet any industry standard.

Environmental Accidents and Oil Spills can occur wherever there are drilling, production and transportation activities. A highly skilled team, mobile equipment, and a wealth of national and international operating experience allows us to provide a broad and flexible range of environmental, industrial and emergency response services. We have a fleet of versatile barges which are purpose built. Deck Barges for transport, Crane Barges for construction or salvage and Service Barges for Offshore support. We also have tugs for towing and pushing services.


Abitto Global Services Limited offers total solutions to all dredging and land reclamation projects. Regardless of the size and scope of a project or its location we will offer a solution that suits our clients’ needs. Our dredging operation capability in a highly sophisticated business, and with the help of the latest modern technology, this helps our customers not only meet their needs but to exceed their expectations. Our dredgers are supported by Tugs Multicat Crafts and A-Frame Barges wherever necessary. It is our endeavor to keep reviewing and expanding our fleet to meet our clients’ needs. Our service areas include:

  • Maintenance Dredging
  • Capital Dredging
  • Coastal Protection
  • Beach Nourishment
  • Port Construction
  • Land Reclamation
  • Breakwater & Harbour Dams
  • Landfall construction
  • Rock Dredging
  • Environmental Dredging
  • Offshore Dredging