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Abitto Global Services Limited is a multi-disciplinary company committed to exceptional client satisfaction and quality service delivery. We offer comprehensive range of stand-alone and integrated services on time and on budget. Our area of specialization include, but not limited to Fabrication, Marine Services, Oil & Gas Services, Dredging, Scaffolding and Project Management.

Founded in 2011, the company has grown to become a leader in the quality service delivery. Our production capacity enables us to provide our clients with complete solutions to meet all their project requirement. We understand that delivering quality on precise and complex projects can only be achieved with application of the latest equipment and technologies, combined with a highly experienced and skilled workforce.

We have implemented a rigorous and continuously monitored Quality System (QHSE) in all our project execution processes. Occupational Health and Safety considerations are the corner stone of our quality assurance system. Environmental issues are researched and addressed so as to minimize the impact of our activities and this include diligent handling of waste products and preventative maintenance of our equipment through a scheduled maintenance services.